WingiMall Order Tracking

How can I confirm/cancel my order?

You cannot cancel an order BUT after placing the order you have 2 hours to call or email the customer support 0800 944 944 &  [email protected] for a refund . As we are dealing with shipments from MANY places around the world shipping to your country we cannot cancel them.

Where’s my stuff?

You can track your order by calling or emailing the customer support 0800 944 944 & [email protected] and providing them with your Order Number

When is it expected to arrive?

Orders usually take an average of 7-10 business days to arrive in country. Customers should note that WingiMall is not a shipping company in itself, and delays may take place due to matters that are outside of WingiMall's control. These could be related to high shipping season congestion, customs related delays, or simply because of orders getting lost in the mail. WingiMall promises to do its very best in following up on every order to make sure that you are satisfied with the service.

Will you contact me before delivery?

Delivery company couriers may not contact you before delivery and may head straight to your address.

Can I change my contact information on my account?

If you are a returning customer, at checkout you'll find that your address and phone number are pre-filled into the associated fields for convenience. This is because they have been saved to your profile from the first order that you placed on the site. If you wish to change your information for a particular order you are placing through your account, you may change them directly from the checkout page and add a new address and the new information will be saved to that particular order. If you are to place a new order, your original information will appear again. If you are looking to change your default information associated with your account, you may do so from the settings section on WingiMall.

Where can I see my order history?

You can visit “My Orders” page on your WingiMall account.

Why was my order cancelled?

Cancellations occur either by the customer's request because you no longer want to continue with your order, or because there was no stock of the item and we are refunding you , or because you've added a prohibited item to your cart that cannot be shipped.