We are Wingimall - an e-commerce company inspired by real life. Founded in 2021 by Ipay4all, we strive to develop our product offering to meet the demands of our customers. Our brand should convey our character and our personality.

Wingimall is an e-commerce platform which sells goods in a wide array of categories, incl. fashion, electronics, sports, mom, baby, and toys and much more. We will also have a dedicated category for merchants with independent brands, to bring the latest quality goods, to your doorstep in Ghana.

"We offer our customers what they expect without them even knowing it."



Our personality reflects how we come across to our audience. To define who we are - how we talk, behave or react to any given situation - in essence, we are Inclusive, Energetic and Simple. These key attributes are visible at every step of the Wingimall journey.


We believe in simplicity and integrity, ensuring a life that’s honest, down to earth and true to self.


We takes people personal biases, such as their personality preferences, making decisions, leading others to feel heard, respected and valued for their difference in perspective.


We are a young source of energy, always ready to generate new solutions and ideas to offer the best products.


Wingimall’s mission and vision is to propel our company to become the largest e-commerce distributor in Africa. Wingimall’s mission is stated as follows:

"We strive to offer a wide selection of products from around the world, with the best quality & price to perfectly meet the needs of our customers."

The customer is the heart of Wingimall’s business, our work is exclusively focused on them. To offer the best experience of the purchase of products put online to the delivery at homes.

Wingimall wants its customers to have access to all types of products, offering them payment methods adapted to their countries. The mission is focused on offering attractive and satisfying e-commerce services to the customer.

In the event you cannot find a product , please send us a message in the Customer Support Write Us section outling what the products are missing and we will do our utmost to find it for you.